Hangzhou kgooer electronic technology co., LTD. Has registered capital of 20 million RMB. The company is located in west lake science and technology park in xihu district, hangzhou, which has a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. Kegong electronics is a company specialized in research and development, production, sales and service of new energy products. The focus of the business is in three areas: 1.Energy storage power plant BMS and system supporting, power battery recycling system and related equipment; 2. Battery evaluation system platform BESP and distributed micro-network monitoring system EMS; threeEnergy storage and microgrid system integration.

     Company's core technology, research and development personnel accounted for 56% of all have a university bachelor degree or above, with an average age of 31, all products are independent research and development, the development innovation, the product through the third party inspection agencies and a number of type testing (including TUV certification) and obtain inspection report, the product a lot of measures in respect of EMS and EMI and tested at the scene of the multiple projects effectively. Core team from the large well-known domestic enterprises, has 15 years experience in product development and enterprise management, is the earliest one of the researchers engaged in energy storage power station BMS system, part of the core staff have 8 years experience in energy storage system, the contractor, the leading design a class where 60% of MW energy storage power station BMS.

     three years, the total capacity of BMS in three years was 500MWh.